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Michael Bates

VP of Business Development / Business Consultant/ Co Founder of Next Step Solutions 

Michael Bates is an accomplished entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for innovation. Having embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15, he hails from a lineage of success, including Edward Bates, the visionary founder of Spring Air International, a brand that generates over $300 million annually. With a diverse career spanning working, owning, and consulting for numerous businesses, Michael's expertise is both comprehensive and deep-rooted.

His recent endeavors showcase his dynamic capabilities. As the force behind DGBrands, he channels his acumen into connecting consumers with top-tier products. Furthermore, his leadership at Amazix Innovations, an AI SaaS powerhouse, reflects his commitment to cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions. Notably, Michael has assumed a pivotal role at Next Level Supplies, contributing his strategic insights as a consultant and VP of Business Development.

Michael's journey exemplifies not just entrepreneurship, but a relentless pursuit of excellence. His legacy is woven with a tapestry of family tradition, innovative ventures, and a steadfast dedication to propelling businesses to new heights. In his hands, the future of entrepreneurship is limitless.

Beyond his business prowess, Michael's philanthropic spirit shines brightly. With a heartfelt mission, he founded Do Good Brands as a conduit for positive change. This umbrella organization encapsulates DG Media and Amazix, companies with a shared commitment to innovation and giving back. DG Media orchestrates social media marketing and management, while Amazix pioneers AI-powered solutions in the tech realm. Under the BH Group and Do Good Brands, these entities donate 10-20% of their proceeds to charitable foundations. These efforts target critical areas such as homelessness, addiction recovery, children in need, and support for veterans.

Michael's journey reflects his multifaceted nature - from being an astute real estate player and entertainment mogul to pioneering AI and leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape. His legacy doesn't just lie in numbers; it's etched in the lives he's impacted, the innovation he's driven, and the positive change he's championed.

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