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Matthew Auclair, the proud nephew of Steve and Brittany Auclair – the dynamic duo behind Next Level Supplies – is a bright beacon in the company's lineage. At the age of 19, Matthew doesn't just bring youthfulness to the table; he brings an unparalleled blend of class, charm, and an unyielding drive.

Determined to carve out a robust career path at Next Level Supplies, Matthew isn’t one to rest in the shadows of his family’s achievements. He is actively engaged in the day-to-day operations, serving as a dedicated sales member. Demonstrating his versatility and ambition, he has recently embraced the responsibility of heading the Amazon division of NLS, taking on the role of Eco Manager for both FBA and FBM.

Those fortunate enough to have Matthew as their sales representative or even those who've had a casual conversation with him over the phone can attest to his passion. Always eager to lend a listening ear, Matthew often answers office calls, delighting in making genuine connections with callers. It's clear to see that he cherishes being an integral part of the family business and is poised to uphold and enhance the values and vision set by the Auclairs.

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