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Ferrous Metals:

1. Iron - Used in construction, automobiles, and appliances.

2. Steel - Commonly found in structural materials, vehicles, and household items.

3. Stainless Steel - Used in kitchenware, medical equipment, and construction.

4. Cast Iron - Found in pipes, engine blocks, and cookware.


Non-Ferrous Metals:

1. Aluminum - Used in beverage cans, building materials, and automotive parts.

2. Copper - Found in electrical wiring, plumbing, and electronics.

3. Brass - Commonly used in plumbing fixtures, musical instruments, and decorative items.

4. Bronze - Used in sculptures, bearings, and architectural components.

5. Lead - Found in batteries, ammunition, and construction materials.

6. Zinc - Used in galvanizing steel, batteries, and die-casting.

7. Nickel - Found in stainless steel, batteries, and electronics.

8. Titanium - Used in aerospace components, medical implants, and sports equipment.

9. Gold - Often found in electronics, jewelry, and dental appliances.

10. Silver - Used in photography, electrical contacts, and jewelry.

11. Platinum - Found in catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, and jewelry.

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